Green Initiative

Millennium Science is committed to a continual process of assessment and development to decrease the environmental impact of the import, storage, supply, installation and operation of our equipment and our business operations.

We constantly scrutinize the green credentials of our business and our business partners and strive to implement best practice procedures. Our "Green Philosophy" states that Millennium Science instrumentation and business operation "should empower our research partners / customers in the most effect and efficient manner through good design, efficient use of recycled packaging, effective use of energy, application of electronic data storage and were possible purchase of carbon offset credits" which, in turn, minimises the overall effect on the environment.

Some examples of our initiatives are:

  • Consolidated Freight Shipments reducing fuel costs

  • Reusing freight cartons / containers

  • Recycled office paper / printer cartridge program

  • Segmenting waste for recycling

  • Discouraging the printing of emails

  • Purchasing carbon offsets on interstate / international flights

  • Efficient use of office lighting

  • All computers to be equipped with low power LCD panels

We are further committed to reducing the end energy use (carbon footprint) of our equipment by subjecting it to regular peer and user reviews. This is another approach we undertake so that it evolves in an environmentally friendly way for the benefit of generations to come.

We continue to develop our Green Initiative over time and as we discover more ways to help us become better stewards of the environment we live in.