GE Healthcare Dharmacon

GE Healthcare Dharmacon RNAi and Gene Expression products encompass the most comprehensive portfolio of tools for gene knockdown and over-expression. Our innovative product portfolio combines state-of-the-art product lines from Dharmacon and Open Biosystems. Find industry-leading siRNA, shRNA, microRNA, cDNA and ORF reagents as well as a complete suite of products for delivery, sample preparation, controls and confirmation of results.

Gene Editing

The Dharmacon Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 platform greatly simplifies the workflow of permanently knocking out genes by eliminating the time-consuming cloning of individual guide RNA expression vectors. Our novel approach includes transfection-ready DNA and RNA components and enables fast assessment of multiple target sites per gene, for multiple genes.

RNAi & Custom RNA Synthesis

GE Healthcare Dharmacon RNAi products encompass the most complete portfolio of innovative tools for transient, long-term, inducible and in vivo RNAi applications. RNAi reagents are complemented with a complete suite of products for delivery, controls and confirmation of results.

Gene Expression cDNAs & ORF's

GE Healthcare Dharmacon offer cDNAs and ORFs that can be used to overexpress particular genes of interest. Choose from individual clones, lentiviral ORFs, and genome-scale libraries.

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