Silicon-based Purification of Nucleic Acid and Protein

microRNA • RNA • DNA • Protein

Founded in 1998 by Professor Yousef Haj-Ahmad, Norgen Biotek was recently recognized as one of Canada's Top 10 Life Sciences Companies.

Norgen Biotek has developed a unique platform technology based on a proprietary resin/matrix with many applications which include purification, concentration and clean-up of DNA, RNA and proteins from various specimen types. The efficient purification of these macromolecules is often the first step in diagnostics and research. Norgen Biotek has successfully optimized this proprietary resin into an extensive range of preparation kits for RNA, DNA and protein purification. These kits include the leading kits for the isolation of total RNA and microRNA from various samples, as well as novel multi-analyte kits that allow the sequential isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins using a single column with no sample splitting.

Norgen Biotek released during 2010 a complementary range of sample collection and storage products enhancing sample storage and transportation of many samples at ambient. Many of these products focus on the collection of nucleic acids from urine (non evasive sample) and serum/plasma, easy to collect in disease diagnosis and investigation,

Norgen RNA Purification kits recovery the complete micro RNA population, providing a RNA population identical to Guanidine Salts - Phenol Extraction. With Norgen RNA Purification Kits, complete RNA purification is possible without the use of hazardous or toxic chemicals.



Norgen has a complete range of protein sample prep products in the following categories:

  • Inclusion Body Protein Purification
  • Endotoxin Removal Kits
  • Protein Clean-Up, Concentration and Buffer Exchange
  • Depletion of Abundant Serum Proteins
  • On-Column Proteolytic Digestion
  • Urine Protein Purification Kits

Download the complete Protein Sample Preparation catalogue.

The complete range of Norgen Biotek Products include:

  • RNA Purification Kits
  • ProteoSpin Protein Purification Kits
  • DNA Purification Kits
  • DNA and RNA Molecular Weight Markers

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