Combination Microplate Washer Dispenser

The EL406™ combines fast, full microplate washing along with three reagent dispensers in one compact unit saving valuable bench space and reducing the expense and maintenance of multiple dedicated instruments. Applications include ELISA, MSD automation, high content screening immunocytochemistry and magnetic bead assay automation for gene- and protein-expression.

EL406 Washer Dispenser

el406rightsyringe.jpgThe EL406™ Combination Washer Dispenser is the only instrument on the market offering fast microplate washing together with BioTek's unique Parallel Dispense™ technologies for optimized liquid handling processes.


  • 1536-, 384- and 96-well microplates.
  • Magnetic and polystyrene microsphere assays.
  • ELISAs and cell-based assays.
  • Selection of optimized field gradients within wells.
  • Rapid separation of micrometer and nanometer beads.
  • Fast and efficient vacuum filtration.
  • Fast microplate washing and dispensing.
  • Patented Dual-Action™ wash manifold.
  • Unique Parallel Dispense capability.
  • Automatic switching of up to four wash buffers or reagents.


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