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Gen5 Software Features for Imaging & Microscopy

gen5-software-features-for-imaging-microscopy.jpgFrom whole organism imaging to high magnification subcellular image analysis, Gen5 helps transform raw data and images into meaningful results. Gen5 Software automates image capture from BioTek’s Lionheart Automated Microscope and Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, and automates image processing and analysis to produce publication-ready images and quantitative data. This process of Augmented Microscopy™ enables simple, straightforward imaging workflows.


  • Automated image capture
  • Exceptional image processing tools
  • Powerful image analysis
  • Publication-ready images, graphs and data

Gen5 Software Features for Detection

gen5-software-features-for-detection.jpgGen5™ offers powerful functionality for microplate reading and data analysis, enabling applications from micro-volume nucleic acid quantification to long-term cell-based kinetic assays. Gen5 Software offers a unique combination of power and ease ­of ­use that drives productivity and saves time across all imaging and detection workflows.


  • Integrates with all BioTek detection systems
  • Gen5 Secure: Features for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Powerful data analysis and flexible output options
  • QC and Validation Tools

Liquid Handling Control Software

lhc-screen.jpgLiquid Handling Control™ (LHC™) Software is a powerful yet flexible interface for use with washers, dispensers and combination liquid handling systems. LHC Software makes it easy to program even the most complex protocols – which can be run directly from the computer, or downloaded to the instrument for convenient onboard recall and operation.


  • Full control of BioTek’s Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers, Washers and Dispensers
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features in available LHC Secure
  • SiLA Compliance available to meet requirements of major automation system integrations
  • Automation support for BioStack™, BioSpa™ and third party automation integrations



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