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Scratch Assay App

scratch-assay-app1.jpgBioTek's Scratch Assay App offers a smooth, integrated workflow for kinetic image capture and powerful analysis of wound healing assays, performed with a BioTek Lionheart™ Automated Microscope or Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. The Scratch Assay App and AutoScratch Wound Making Tool are critical components of the new Scratch Assay Starter Kit, which automates cell migration and wound healing assays.


  • Simple installation and implementation
  • Pre-defined protocols for 24- and 96-well plate
  • Auto exposure and powerful image processing tools
  • Automatic statistics calculations: wound width, % confluence, maximum healing rate
  • For repeatable, consistent scratches and complete cell migration assay workflow consider the Scratch Assay Starter Kit

Quantitative Assay Apps

quant-assay-app.jpgBioTek has made it easier than ever to run common applications with only a few clicks from Read to Results!  The Quantitative Assay Apps use the power of Gen5 behind a simple, step-by-step setup customization of pre-defined protocols for a streamlined process.  Automated data export and report tools complete the workflow requirements.


  • Plate reading to results in minutes
  • 10-second plate map definition
  • Automatic curve fitting
  • Normalization & target volume calculation
  • Easy data export


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