Applied Cells



MARS sample processing speed exceeds existing flow-through cell separation technologies by offering "milliliter per minute" throughput.


Cells in blood or tissue samples are separated and extracted with high purity, close to zero loss, and alive, enabling countless down-stream cellular and genomics analysis, and meeting cell therapy needs.


MARS operates at the touch of a finger. Target cells within a complex sample are separated, purified and enriched by an automated standardized process, without using a centrifuge and without needing human intervention.

MARS ® Meets all the capabilities of a cell separation tool:

  • High Recovery
  • High Speed
  • High Purity
  • Maintained Cell Viability
  • Automation
  • More information



Multiple physics processes are integrated into state-of-the-art MARS system, to isolate and enrich target cells from biological samples in ways that are not available in today's market.

Modular System

MARS is designed to be modular, with its basic functions realized in a series of functional modules, enabling an extraordinary capability to meet every user's unique cell separation and sample preparation need, and allowing customization in both the overall work flow and each individual processing step.


MARS operation is as simple as (1) loading the sample, (2) pressing the start button, and (3) done - in minutes, making it suitable for SOP of sample preparation in clinical tests, and SOP of cell manufacturing in cell therapies.