Automated Liquid Handling System

Laboratory work involves a lot of liquid handling so Hudson Robotics offers several automated robot liquid handling robot system options. These lab instruments are both accurate and precise. Our automated liquid handling systems are also very flexible, and can easily be used as free-standing instruments, or integrated into an automated workstation.

Product List

SOLO™ Liquid Handler

new_solo-1-300x280.jpgThe Hudson SOLO™ is a low cost, flexible and easy-to-use automated pipettor. Available in single, 8 and 12 channel pipette options the SOLO automated pipetting robot can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, with greatly improved precision.

Simply set up the liquid handling steps in intuitive SOLOSoft control software and go. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment. It is about half the cost of other laboratory robotics platforms and has options of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 microplate nests on the deck. It will fit into most biological safety cabinets, anaerobic chambers and fume hoods. The SOLO can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robotic arms from most manufacturers. The small footprint and open design of the SOLO automated pipettor provide easy integration with accessories, such as heating and cooling nests, incubators, magnetic bead nests, automatable centrifuges, microplate readers and more. Our SoftLinx lab automation software has software Plug-ins to over 200 3rd party lab instruments.


  • Compact as small as 14″ x 16″ (355mm x 400mm) footprint for a 4 microplate position SOLO
  • 8-, 24-, 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplate compatible
  • Compatible with a wide variety of non-standard vials, test tubes and reagent reservoirs
  • Broad volume range: 500nl to 1000ul for the multi-tip heads, 500nL to 10mL for the single-tip heads.
  • Easily fits in a standard hood
  • Fully compatible with robot loading systems or can be used manually as a stand alone unit
  • Plate stacker upgrade available anytime for unparalleled flexibility and high throughput
  • Easy to use SOLOSoft control software for simple programming of pipetting steps
  • Includes Hudson Robotics' SoftLinx software, which provides an easy-to-use interface to coordinate the SOLO's operation with other automated instruments


FilterPress™ DNA, and RNA, Extraction

filterpress_noplates-253x300.jpgHudson Robotics has recently introduced the FilterPress™, a powerful alternative to vacuum nests, magnetic beads and centrifuges for the separation of a variety of materials. The main applications are DNA, RNA, plasmid and protein extraction and purification as well as solid-phase extractions. The upper nest supports a wide range of filter/spin plates and SPE columns. Any SBS format microplate can be used as a collection plate in the lower nest, and when empty, the nest acts as a waste trough. Both the temperature and pressure of the air used to push fluids through the filter plates or columns are automatically controlled by software. Both nests are accessible to the SOLO™ pipettor if placed by its side, and a Micro10x™ reagent dispenser can be included to add a wide variety of wash and elution buffers to the filter plate or column in the upper nest.


  • "Expose Upper Nest" allow the user to insert a filter/spin plate or an SPE column
  • "Expose Lower Nest" allows the user to insert a collection plate.
  • "Push" retracts both nests and, using pressured air, pushes the solvent through the colmuns using the time and temperature specified by the "Push" command


Micro10x Microplate Reagent Dispenser

micro10x-2-bottles-landscape-282x300.jpgHudson's Micro10x™ Reagent Dispenser provides a combination of fast filling speeds, high accuracy, and extreme flexibility ordinarily found only among large, expensive liquid handling robots. It has a very small footprint saving benchspace. The Micro10x accurately dispenses liquids in volumes down to low microliter range, and is the only small dispenser capable of tip-touchoff to ensure a clean dispense of high surface-tension fluids. Its positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in increments of 10nL, and never requires recalibration. The leading competitor needs constant calibration and the purchase of replacement dispensing cassettes. The pump is available in two different sizes (0.25″ or 0.375″ barrel) to maximize accuracy at low and high volumes. The Micro10x microplate dispenser can be used as a stand alone laboratory instrument or integrated into laboratory workstation.


  • AutoPriming to allow priming at programmed intervals
  • Self-draining prime trough allows repeated priming without undesirable overflows or manual emptying
  • Equipped with a small, highly responsive, touch screen pendant with an easy to read color display.  Comes with a positive mounting bracket on the base unit.
  • Up to 20 Dispense programs, and 10 Priming programs stored internally
  • Full RS-232 external control capability for easy integration into robot systems
  • In-Line operation with track systems, or stand-alone manual-loading
  • Reversible pump for emptying the fluid path
  • Pump available in two different sizes (0.25″ or 0.375″ barrel).
  • Small (10² x 15²) footprint to conserve valuable bench space
  • All electronics are well away from potential spill areas
  • Up to 10 individually-controlled fluid paths are available to dispense multiple reagents "on-the-fly"
  • Available in either landscape (12-nozzle dispensing) or portrait (8-nozzle dispensing).

RapidWash™ Microplate Washer

rapidwash_web.jpgThe RapidWash™ high-speed  m icroplate washer for 96-well and 384-well microplates offers high throughput washing for ELISAs, cellular assays, and other processes requiring washing and aspirating. Yet, it is the smallest (9.25"W x 15"D footprint) automated microplate washer on the market. It fits comfortably in all robotic workcells or even on already cramped lab benches. Not to be compared with strip washers, the RapidWash is perfect for labs that need automated high throughput.


  • Works with both low profile and deep well microplates
  • High speed: less than 9 sec. 96-well fill/aspirate cycle
  • Low residual volume: <2uL per well
  • Programmable dispensing and aspiration rates
  • Programmable nozzle insertion/exit rates
  • Programmable residual volumes, with easy setup
  • High precision: <1% @ 100uL per well, plate-to-plate
  • Up to 2 wash buffer sources, automatically selectable
  • Easy software integration with other instruments
  • Open API for integration using 3rd party software


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