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Allevi 1

a1_front2.pngThe most affordable and easiest-to-use bioprinter on the market. With temperature control from 4°C to 160°C you can print everything from collagen to PLGA - all on your lab bench. The Allevi 1 has the smallest footprint and widest material capabilities of any 3D bioprinter on the market.

Designed with ease of use and affordability in mind, the Allevi 1 is the simplest bioprinter in the Allevi family. This is by far the best bioprinter for those who are new to the field of 3D biofabrication. Students are able to characterise materials and learn the basics of 3D bioprinting on this device.


  • Temperature control - 4°C to 160°C.
  • Autocalibration - Simply press calibrate and let the Allevi 1 bioprinter do all the work.
  • Photocuring - The extruder houses two separate LEDs in the ranges of 365nm and 405nm.
  • Smallest footprint - 12 inches wide, 10 inches deep, 10 inches high
  • Open system - The Allevi 1 accepts 5mL luer lock syringes and is compatible with each of the bioink kits offered on the Allevi platform


Allevi 2

a2_front_crop_sm2.pngBringing a new dimension to biology.

The Allevi 2 is the world's first desktop 3D bioprinter that prints living tissue out of human cells. It is a beautifully designed, precision manufactured 3D bioprinter that prints cells and bioinks. The Allevi 2 supports the use of standard lab dishes, whether that's circular petri dishes or 96 well plates. Whether you are an undergrad or principal investigator, the Allevi 2 will accelerate the pace of your research.


  • Small footprint - 12inches cubed.
  • Accessible - Easy to upload designs, choose biomaterials and print tissue.
  • Visible light technology - The Allevi 2 uses visible blue light or UV light to cure biomaterials.
  • Dual extruder system - Includes two heated extruder heads with temperature control ranging from room temperature to 70°C and 160°C.
  • Open System - The cartridge houses two disposable BD syringes, making it easy to switch between materials and ensure sterility.
  • Pressure Driven - Runs off a compressed air pneumatic system. Pressure ranges between 0 and 120 PSI.
  • Precision - The Allevi 2 uses linear rails, guaranteeing a consistent 10 micron precision on each axis.


Allevi 3

allevi3_website2.pngBring your work to life.

The Allevi 3 bioprinter empowers you to print any cell line, into any geometry for any application that you can imagine. Allevi 3 will exceed your needs today and has the versatility to grow with your work. It empowers you to recreate the body outside the body. No matter what cell line, bioink, or geometry - Allevi 3 puts the power of customisation in your hands.


  • Three extruders - Easily and quickly print multi-cell tissues with three extruders.
  • Temperature control - 4°C to 160°C.
  • Auto calibrated - Simply press calibrate and let the Allevi 3 bioprinter do all the work.
  • Heated bed - Temperature control from RT-60°C.
  • Photocuring - The extruders house two separate LEDs in the ranges of 365nm and 405nm. You can also adjust the light intensity from 0 - 20mW/cm².
  • Future Proof - The bioprinters extruders and bed plate are interchangeable to ensure the device evolves with you.
  • Engineered for maximum viability - Pneumatic extrusion causes minimal shear stress on cells while enabling unlimited design freedom
  • Open system - The Allevi 3 accepts 5mL luer lock syringes and is compatible with each of the bioink kits offered from Allevi.


Allevi 6

a6_front_crop_sm2.pngThe Allevi 6 is here and it's going to change everything


  • Footprint - 20inches by 16inches by 16inches.
  • Six head extruder - The Allevi 6 has six temperature controlled extruders, ranging from 4°C to 160°C.
  • Heated print bed - Heats to 60°C, allowing you to maintain cells at 37°C.
  • Precision - Sub 1 micron precision on X, Y and Z axis.
  • Auto calibration - Simply press calibrate and let the Allevi 6 do all of the work
  • Open system - The six head extruder loads standard 5mL luer-lock syringes making is easy to customise materials and ensure sterility.
  • Photocuring - you can choose to cure biomaterials in either visible or ultra-violet light. The LEDs range from 365-405nm
  • Accessibility - The Allevi 6 is WiFi enabled to allow you to control your bioprinter wirelessly while it's under the hood.
  • Pressure profiles - Automatic pressure calibration allows you to control extrusion and customise the deposition rates through out your print. Pressure ranges between 0 and 120 PSI.


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