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Biological relevance starts with the bioink

img_9745-2-600x600.jpgWhat are bioinks?

Bioinks are natural or synthetic biomaterials that mimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) to support the adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation of living cells. These materials give cells important cues they need to live, grow, and create functional 3D tissue.

fibroblasts-600x600.jpgBioink sources matter

To achieve best results, cells should be encapsulated in materials that contain their native ECM components. Our bioinks are largely human and animal-derived and do not contain viscosity agents that can negatively affect tissue viability and function. You have high standards for your research and we have high standards for our bioinks.

allevi_ear-600x600.jpgBioprint without compromising biology

Allevi 3D bioprinters are engineered to handle the widest range of bioinks. Users can easily control conditions that are optimal for the most relevant materials used in tissue engineering. We're designed to fit your needs and to fit within your existing workflow.

tested_bioink-600x600.jpgRigorously tested bioinks

The bioinks we offer have been thoroughly tested by us, academia, and the tissue engineering industry as a whole, and have been proven to yield the best biological results. These are materials you are used to, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. No need to start from scratch.

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Nervous System






Design. Bioprint. Repeat.

Designing and building with life is easier now than ever before.

Allevi's integrated software solution, Allevi Bioprint Online, empowers novice and expert 3D bioprinting users alike to quickly and easily achieve their goals. Allevi Bioprint will completely change the way you run bioprinting experiments.

Bioprint Essential is included with the purchase of any Allevi bioprinter. Bioprint Pro adds a host of additional features and improvements, and is available as an upgrade.

allevi_sw_cloud-600x467.pngNo Install Required

Allevi Bioprint runs entirely in the cloud, which means that you can design your structures, define your materials, and monitor your prints right from your web browser – on any computer.

allevi_sw_structure_editor-600x467.jpgLess Prep Work

A project-based workflow, built-in model generation, and integrated slicing in Bioprint Pro allow you to focus more on running your experiments, and less on setup.

allevi_sw_print_preview-600x467.jpgWhat you see is what you get

Our best-in-class interface and cutting-edge visualization features enable you to see and fix potential issues in your projects before you print, saving time and money