10x Genomics - Critical Tools for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

10x_4color.pngThe ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has taken thousands of lives and the number of infections is growing daily. Accelerating our understanding of the adaptive and innate immune response to infectious disease is critical. The translation of this research to drive discovery of broadly neutralizing antibodies and prepare effective vaccination strategies is equally urgent.

Placing Single Cell and Spatial Biology at the Forefront of Infectious Disease Research

Quickly solving today's infectious disease challenges requires the application of innovative tools. With single cell and spatial technology, researchers can capture multiple dimensions of infection and the immune response, including cellular phenotypes, adaptive immune repertoire and antigen specificity, spatial resolution of immune tissue infiltration, epigenetic regulation of immune cell activity, and viral interference with the host immune response.

Chromium Single Cell Solutions from 10x Genomics can be applied to the study of hundreds to more than one million single T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis. The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution provides a high-resolution view of gene expression within intact tissue sections to reveal the fundamental molecular and cellular basis for complex pathophysiological signatures. In the sections below, explore a curated list of publications and other helpful resources using these technologies.

List of Critical Tools from 10x Genomics for COVID-19 Research

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