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advaita-logo-newtag220.pngAdvaita has created a page on their website where you can go to find other scientists to collaborate with. They have created several forums, each with a specific scientific focus. Please find the forums that are pertinent to you, and post your capabilities there. There are instructions on the site outlining how to do this, including some best practices to help it run as smoothly as possible.

In essence, each participant should: 

  1. Pick one or more of the threads/forums you are interested in
  2. Describe what capabilities you are offering to the collaborative effort 
  3. Specify what you would need
  4. Main interest(s)

For instance, AdvaitaBio’s info would be as follow: 

  1. Forums: understanding host response (severe vs. mild symptoms, death vs recovery, SARS-CoV2 vs othe viruses, etc.), drug repurposing
  2. Capabilities offered: analysis of any kinds of omics data (mRNA, proteomics, methylation, etc.), meta-analysis, access to advanced software platforms (iPathwayGuide, iVariantGuide), help with results interpretation. Everything offered is free of charge for COVID19 research. 
  3. What we need: any kind of omics data including from patient samples, cell lines, model animals etc. 
  4. Main interests: identifying existing drugs that can be repurposed to help COVID19 patients

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