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nanocellect_logo-clear-background.pngWe find ourselves faced with the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our personal and professional lives. Many academic labs and biotech companies continue to press forward for the search of a vaccine or a treatment. While their work environment is nearly shut down, essential researchers persist with their efforts to bring a solution to the world. Critical processes in the lab must continue to function.

NanoCellect aims to support these critical researchers and their R&D workflows. We have assembled a series of resources to help you navigate COVID-19 research and continue working in the lab during these challenging times.

Cell Sorting and COVID-19 Research

The WOLF® benchtop cell sorter uses sterile, disposable cartridges with no cross-contamination between samples and fits inside a biosafety cabinet ensuring the safe handling of biohazard materials  COVID-19 researchers can utilize the WOLF cell sorter for optimal sample preparation in single-cell "-omics", cell isolation for culturing, or antibody discovery. Whether performing immune profiling, antibody discovery, or functional assays, the WOLF in your lab can ensure the ability to continue while core facilities are still shut down is critical.


List of Resources from NanoCellect

  • Webinars & Presentations
  • Scientific Articles
  • Partners & Collaborators
  • Funding Sources
  • Letter from the NanoCellect CEO

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