The Impacts of COVID-19 on Roche qPCR Products

rolo_cmyk.jpgWith ongoing updates to COVID-19 and the impact it is having we are in constant communication with our suppliers. Roche have advised us of some delays on certain products as they are being used as a critical component of the global strategy detect the virus and to combat the spread. We have contacted individual users that we are aware of whom have been purchasing the products impacted the most. We are now advising, based on the recent communication with Roche, that if you have any planned projects within the next 6 month period that you may want to consider ordering in the coming weeks.

If they are frequent products that you will be using, I do urge you to let us know so we can manage stock levels as best we can to avoid disruption to your work. The more information you can provide us on your usage the better we can assist you.

Impacted products listed below:


Although not impacted by the COVID-19 case, we do have a delay on supply for the item listed below, given that case we encourage customers to advise us of their usage and to keep in mind ETA could be 4-5 weeks.

11796828001, HP PCR Template Preparation Kit

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