Dip and Read Biosensors, Assays and Detection Kits

Octet® biosensors and assay kits are configured in a standard 96-well format, for your convenience. Both kits and biosensors simplify quantitation and kinetics assays by eliminating throughput limitations caused by microfluidic flow, surface regeneration, and sample purification.

Ready BLI Detection kits from Pall ForteBio are complete, validated assay kits designed to work with BLI instrumentation. All biosensors and reagents are provided to enable sensitive multi-step immunoassays to be performed on Octet systems with simple, efficient, automated workflows. Ready BLI Detection Kits are supported by detailed technical literature and Pall ForteBio's world-class technical support team.


Dip and Read Biosensors and Assays

Detection Kits



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