DNA Sequencing

In an effort to overcome inherent challenges in the field of genomics, PacBio sought to develop novel technology that pushed the boundaries of sequencing. The result, SMRT Sequencing, harnesses the natural process of DNA replication and enables real-time observation of DNA synthesis.

SMRT Sequencing is built upon two key innovations: zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs) and phospho-linked nucleotides. ZMWs allow light to illuminate only the bottom of a well in which a DNA polymerase/template complex is immobilised. Phospho-linked nucleotides allow observation of the immobilised complex as the DNA polymerase produces a completely natural DNA strand.

SMRT Sequencing is ideal for a variety of research applications and offers many benefits, including:

  • Longest average read lengths.
  • Highest consensus accuracy.
  • Uniform coverage.
  • Simultaneous epigenetic characterization.
  • Single-molecule resolution.