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Beckman NX FX Integrations

dna_prep_system.jpgHudson Robotic's LabLinx can transform your existing NX or FX liquid handler into a high throughput workcell. LabLinx moves plates in and out of you NX/FX while your pipettor is changing or washing tips, which can double your throughput.


Bioautomation MerMade Integration

mermaid-300x123.pngHudson has developed a multi-functional software integration for the BioAutomation Mer Made to take full advantage of automated oligo synthesis.


  • Downloads oligo formulations from a local file or via internet
  • Converts this formulation information into specific instructions for the Mer Made
  • Provides operator prompts to insure that the required materials are present
  • Controls deprotection and purification post-processing steps

Biometra TRobot

trobot_integration-300x249.jpgHudson has developed a plugin for the Biometra TRobot thermocycler. This integration has been incorporated into a number of workstations that require a PCR step as part of the supported application pipeline.


Bio-Rad CFX96 (qPCR)

platecrane_biorad-277x300.jpg Automated qPCR Prep (AqP)

The Hudson Robotics SOLO is the ideal pipettor for building the most complex sample set for your qPCR pipeline. Whether you are building a few qPCR reactions from 1.5mL source tubes or running serial dilutions on thousands of samples per day, there is a SOLO configuration to get the job done.

Automated qPCR Loading (AqL)

Delivering qPCR plates ready for cycling and detection is a popular application best served by a Hudson Robotics PlateCrane EX. A typical Automated qPCR Loading work cell can include 1 qPCR thermal cycler and up to 8 or more qPCR thermal cyclers.

Automated qPCR System (AqS)

A fully automated workcell for setting up qPCR reactions, sealing plates, thermal cycling and data collection. qPCR reactions are assembled using the Hudson Robotics SOLO Pipettor, qPCR plates are automatically sealed and introduced to the qPRD thermal cycler. Parallel production capacity allows for qPCR reations to be assembled while qPCR cycling tasks are executing. Automated qPCR Systems are available for any size project from 1 to 100 qPCR thermal cyclers

BMG LabTech Readers

BMG LABTECH plate readers can be equipped with different detection modes and cover a multitude of applications. By focusing on the needs of the scientific community, BMG plate readers have earned the company the reputation of being a technology leader in the field. Hudson Robotics PlateCrane robotic arm can deliver microplates to all of the BMG LABTECH readers from the PHERAstar FSX, the CLARIOstar, OMEGA Series, NEPHELOstar Plus and SPECTROstar Nano. Build out complete workcells such as ELISA or NGS workstations.

ForteBio Octet (Label-Free)

biomolecular-interaction-analysis-label-free-workcell.jpgThis Label-Free work cell allows the scientist to automate the acquisition of protein-protein, protein-small molecule binding data as well as cellular assays that can all be carried out on the ForteBio line of readers using BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) technology. It enables real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions and can provide information on affinity, kinetics and concentration.

ForteBio 's Octet™ platform provides instruments, biosensors, reagents and assay kits for biomolecular interaction analysis in 96- and 384-well microplate formats. Its analytical capabilities enable significantly easier, faster and better characterisation of drug candidates, providing great value in drug development applications, where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance and cost

inheco ODTC 96

inheco-275x300.jpgHudson has developed a plugin for the inheco ODTC 96 thermocycler. This represents another integration that has been incorporated into workstations that require a PCR step as part of the supported application pipeline.

Intellicyt iQue Screener

platecrane_with_ique.jpgHudson has developed a SoftLinx plugin for the Intellicyt iQue Screener, making it easy to automate flow cytometry-based research efforts. For example, integrating the iQue™ Screener with our PlateCrane EX microplate robot arm provides scientists with an automated sample acquisition system for screening cells and beads in solution. This combination provides the user with a powerful system for screening large libraries with various cell and bead-based assays, on a bench top or in a hood. This workcell offers small footprints for mobility and flexibility, and easy-to-use SoftLinx software for data tracking and scheduling. SoftLinx communicated directly with Intellicyt's ForeCyt™ software and automatically loads and executes stored protocols. SoftLinx makes it easy to expand your system with the addition of other instrumentation, such as bar code scanners, liquid handlers, heating and cooling nests, and plate sealers.

MDC CloneSelect Integration

cloneselect-300x222.png Our CloneSelect plug-in will allow you to integrate the PlateCrane to automate the imaging of large numbers of cells.

Promega GloMax® Integration

glomax-platecrane-300x209.pngThe Hudson plugin supports the new Promega GloMax® multi-mode reader. We've used this integration as part of automating several of Promega's luminescence-based assays, as well as various absorbance and fluorescence-based protocols. This plugin, as with Hudson's other reader plugins, makes it easy to process a large number of plates stored in stacks. However, the orientation of the GloMax's® nest also makes it easy to build a compact workcell composed of the GloMax® and our SOLO pipettor.

Roche LightCycler Integration

lightcycler-300x222.jpg Hudson has developed a plugin for the Roche LightCycler high-throughput PCR   instrument . Integration  with the PlateCrane will allow you to take full advantage of the high level of stand-alone performance of this instrument.

Sartorious Microbalance Integration

sartorius-300x279.jpgThe SoftLinx plugin allows you to constantly monitor the display of the balance, as well as tare and zero it between samples. As shown in the picture, the balance fits nicely below the main arm of SOLO pipettor. This setup has been successfully used to determine the precision and accuracy of the SOLO.

Thermo KingFisher

kingfisher-300x176.png Hudson's KingFisher integration makes it easy to automate your magnetic bead-based purification protocols.


WellPro (Serial Dilution)

wellpro-integration.jpgHudson has developed a SoftLinx interface which allows one to automate the serial dilution of a wide range of plates using the ProGroup's WellPro. Now you can load a stack of plates (30 plates per stack), and the PlateCrane will transfer them to the WellPro and run your protocol. After carrying out the serial dilution, the PlateCrane will either place the plate in a second stack, or transfer it to a reader, liquid handler, or wherever it needs to go.


Wyatt DynaPro (DLS)

dynapro-300x164.jpg It's never been easier to automatically generate large amounts of Dynamic Light Scattering data with the new DynaPro SoftLinx Integration. As shown here, the dimensions and reach of the PlateCrane, combined with the orientation of the DynaPro's nest makes it possible to load two instruments at the same time.


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