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Dovetail™ Hi-C Kits make running Hi-C in your lab easier than ever

Researchers are increasingly interested in Hi-C data, but significant challenges remain to establishing and maintaining a Hi-C assay in a lab. Available Hi-C protocols are time-intensive and have historically required substantial troubleshooting. The Dovetail™ Hi-C Library Preparation kit has been optimized through Dovetail's in-house Hi-C service. The kit comes with the reagents needed to create Illumina® sequencing-ready libraries. The protocol is extremely robust. In a validation study 100% of samples generated high-quality Hi-C sequencing libraries. The protocol has also been optimized to simplify and shorten the work flow, supporting sample to sequencing-ready library in just 2 days, greatly reducing the obstacles to running the Hi-C assay in your lab.

Dovetail™ Hi-C kit and HiRise™ software are integrated and optimized for genome assembly

The best approach for generating high-quality assemblies is optimizing the molecular biology technique and scaffolding software together specifically for genome assembly. Until now, for the Hi-C data type, there were no integrated, optimized and commercially available genome scaffolding solutions for the lab. Dovetail, through its services group, has actively optimized the Dovetail™ Hi-C molecular biology protocol and HiRise™ pipeline with more than a 1000 genomes scaffolded to date. The integrated and optimized Hi-C assembly service has been encapsulated into the Dovetail™ Hi-C library preparation kit and HiRise™ software now directly available to labs.


  • Capture Megabase range information with Dovetail's proximity ligation technology
  • Generate chromosome-level assemblies with HiRise™, the leading proximity ligation genome scaffolding software
  • Dovetail quality assemblies in your lab; optimized end-to-end from the world's leading service
  • Makes running Hi-C in your lab easier than ever with robust sequencing-ready libraries and high quality Hi-C data
  • Assemble more genomes to answer more biological questions with a lower cost per sample, on your own schedule
  • The convenience of a single kit for all genomes from plants to a wide variety of animals



Chicago® improves order, orientation and contiguity of fragmented de novo assemblies and corrects errors in highly contiguous assemblies to produce a more accurate genome assembly that is optimal for scaffolding up to chromosome level with Hi-C.



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