We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Proteintech Group, Inc., to supply their antibodies, ELISA kits, and proteins of the highest quality throughout Australia and New Zealand.

proteintech-logo.jpegAs a company founded by scientists, Proteintech Group recognises the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by researchers to advance scientific discovery. Proteintech aims to match its’ customers’ dedication to research by providing high quality, reliable reagents that contribute to reproducible results.

Part of Proteintech Group's early vision was to make all its own products, to the highest standards possible, thus assuming ultimate responsibility for their quality. In addition to its founders' refusal to source a single antibody from any other provider, they also refused to supply any other provider. This approach would offer researchers many advantages, including a way of avoiding the same antibodies sold under different brand names by different companies – an unregulated practice that still continues within the industry.

Ultimately, the 'Original Manufacturer' approach laid out by Proteintech's founders has contributed to an increasing sense of accountability in the antibody industry and their products have now been cited in over 30,000 publications – and that number continues to grow every day!

Proteintech's ever-expanding catalogue includes:

  • Over 12,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies
  • Over 1,275 mouse monoclonal antibodies
  • Many standard secondary antibodies
  • Almost 100 tag and control antibodies
  • Almost 200 ELISA kits
  • Over 10,000 recombinant proteins

To order your Proteintech products or to find out more information, contact your local Millennium Science Territory Manager or contact our office directly at or .

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