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Millennium Science is committed to enabling your research and supporting your diagnostic workflows therefore we have lowered our prices on ALL Norgen Products!

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Norgen has developed a unique platform technology based on a proprietary resin/matrix with many applications including the purification, concentration and clean-up of DNA, RNA, microRNA, proteins and exosomes from various specimen types. The efficient purification of these macromolecules is often the first step in diagnostics and in hundreds of molecular biological applications fueling discovery for genomics and proteomics.

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COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Complete Workflow

Norgen Biotek has developed a complete COVID-19 Workflow that includes devices for the collection of saliva or swab samples, Viral RNA Purification kits and RT-PCR Detection kits for SARS-CoV-2.


1. Collection & Preservation

Total Nucleic Acid Preservation Tube
Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices

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2. Viral RNA Isolation

Saliva/Swab RNA Purification Kits
Total RNA Purification Kits

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3. PCR Based Detection

OVID-19 TaqMan RT-PCR Kit (E/RdRP genes)
2019-nCoV TaqMan RT-PCR Kit

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First-Class Products

Norgen Biotek Offers First-Class Products to Assist Researchers in the Study and Molecular Diagnosis of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.

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Norgen's Responsibility During COVID-19

Saliva is Viable for COVID-19 Testing

Saliva samples are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to nasal swabbing for viral detection. Recent research from Yale University suggests that saliva can be as sensitive, and less variable, than nasopharyngeal swabbing for COVID-19 detection.

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Spit. Twist. Test. - It's That Easy

Saliva as a Viable Alternative Sample Type

Check the recent GenomeWeb article here and Contact us today for your Norgen samples and pricing.

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