Microplate Handling Instruments

These microplate transportation systems which are used in High Throughput (HTS) protocols are designed to move SBS-footprint microtiter™ plates around a workcell, place and remove them from microplate stacks and microplate nests of other devices, such as liquid handlers, microplate readers, incubators, etc. All of Hudson's microplate handler robots can be easily integrated with third-party instruments to create work cells that automate applications and protocols with any level of complexity.

Product List

PlateCrane EX™ Microplate Handler

platecrane_web-300x258.jpgThe PlateCrane EX™ is a microplate handler for laboratory automation which is optimised for handling labware in the "SBS footprint", including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks. It is capable of loading and unloading automated lab instruments, such as microplate readers, microplate washers, automatable centrifuges and reagent dispensers. The PlateCrane microplate stacker is heavily used in assay development, cell biology, bioassay validation, DNA quantification, PCR setup and cleanup and high-throughput drug screening.

The EX features state-of-the-art controls, never has lab automation been easier or more reliable. Interfaces are available to more than 150 microplate-based instruments, including virtually every reader, lab incubator, dispenser and pipettor commonly used in laboratories today. It has a capacity of up to 450 microplates, and makes it easy to configure a wide range of automation workcells. The PlateCrane is available in a standard configuration, with 345° of horizontal rotation, and an advanced model, the PlateCrane 360™, which offers unlimited rotation. Also, both models offer a "Random Access" configuration where plates are stacked in shelves for random selection. The PlateCrane EX™ is supplied with Hudson's SoftLinx™ laboratory automation scheduling software. SoftLinx provides scheduling capability and an easy-to-use icon-based drag and drop Method Editor.


  • Adds microplate capacity to a single instrument to increase "walkaway" time.
  • Performs complete automated assays by linking multiple instruments with one or more PlateCrane EXs.
  • Moves plates with lids to and from stacks, and can automatically remove the lid from the active plate.
  • Works with 96, 384 and 1536-well microplates, deep well plates, plates with lids, and tip racks.
  • Fits within standard laboratory hoods.
  • Provides random access to stacks with shelves, for room temperature incubation and time-critical kinetic assays.


PlateCrane SciClops™ Microplate Handler

sciclops-280x300.jpgThe PlateCrane SciClops™ will change the way you think about laboratory robot systems for laboratory automation. With the SciClops, Hudson introduces revolutionary features for lab automation flexibility and ease-of-use: just move the SciClops to be near your instrument, and it does the rest! Use up to 15 microplate stacks or a microplate carousel for microplate storage. The SciClops is heavily used in assay development, cell biology, bioassay validation, DNA quantification, PCR setup and cleanup. It enables anyone to locate the position of a microplate in the microplate stacks and in the nest of an instrument in under 1 minute per instrument.

The PlateCrane SciClops™ is the latest version of our cylindrical robot arm that is optimised for handling common labware. This includes microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks. The SciClops is ideal for loading and unloading microplate-based lab instruments, such as readers, washers and reagent dispensers.


  • Handle any SBS standard microplate including 96, 384, 1536 as well as deep well blocks and tip boxes.
  • Plug-and-Play USB computer interface (RS-232 also available).
  • Automate plate handling with over 200 different instruments.
  • Work with lidded or unlidded plates.
  • Small enough to fit into a standard laboratory hood.
  • Random access stacker option for RT incubation and kinetic assays.
  • Add additional plates to active protocols with ease .
  • All PlateCrane systems come with SoftLinx V Scheduling software. SoftLinx is an easy to use, drag and drop control program. Quickly and easily create automated methods.
  • One (1) PlateCrane SciClops easily supports multiple instruments.


LabLinx™ Microplate Stacker

lablinx_system-300x177.jpgLabLinx™ is Hudson's unique microplate delivery system (microplate stacker) that allows you to store and deliver plates to any laboratory instrument, automatically. LabLinx is mechanically robust and can turn an ordinary liquid handler into a complete automated workcell. LabLinx microplate stackers are used in assay development, cell biology, bioassay validation, DNA quantification, PCR setup and cleanup and high-throughput drug screening.

Plates are stored in microplate stacks and moved among the user's instruments on linkable track segments. "Intelligent" stopping mechanisms are located along the track segments at each instrument's plate nest positions. There the lab instrument operates on the plate, then, when it's finished, LabLinx moves it on to the next lab instrument in the process. It can operate on many plates simultaneously, each at different stages of the user's process, resulting in throughput rates that single-arm robot workcells can't even approach.


  • Moves all types of labware: microplates, deepwell plates, tip racks, microtube racks
  • Links together any robotics-compatible lab instruments
  • Builds a high-speed automated workcell on existing bench space
  • Easily reconfigures to accommodate new equipment and assays
  • Installs easily within standard laboratory hoods


PA1000 Microplate Barcode Labeler

print_and_apply.jpgHudson's PA1000 Microplate-Barcode-Labeler is a high performance automated microplate barcode labeler. These print and apply label systems print multiple format barcode labels on any SBS footprint microplates. The PA1000 prints 1D, 2D and/or human readable text on 1, 2 or all 4 sides of a microplate. Easy to use software allows for anyone to set up a run. Print 1 plate or a 1000 using the scalable stacker system.  The PA1000 microplate barcode labeler is an ideal choice for any budget and space. The PA1000 can be used manually loaded or load the optional microplate stackers and run the system in any number of batches.

The system can be expanded to 15+ microplate stackers holding over 350 microplates with lids or 420 shallow well microplates without lids. Configure the right number of stackers for your needs and budget. Additional stacking options are available allowing for up to 1000 microplates to be processed per run.


  • 600 dpi Zebra printer provides the best resolution available
  • Compatible with a wide variety of microplate label types and sizes available
  • Print and apply blank microplate labels "on-site", or feed and apply preprinted color labels
  • Compatible with all bar code formats
  • Positive tamping applicator provides reliable application within +/- 0.020″
  • Compatible with standard and deep well microplates
  • Walkaway automation of printing and applying for up to 420 microplate labels
  • Typical throughput of 100 microplates/hour (single label)
  • Handles SBS standard footprint microplates

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