10x Genomics - New Product Update

10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.png10x Genomics has recently launched new solutions and products, and made available new resources on the Support website.

Targeted Gene Expression Solution

The Targeted Gene Expression solution is now compatible with 3' Single Cell Gene Expression libraries and 5' Single Cell Gene Expression libraries. Relevant resources are hyperlinked below:

Additional information can be found on our Targeted Gene Expression landing page.

Dual Index Libraries

Dual index libraries are now available with our Single Cell Gene Expression solution.

Software Pipelines and Loupe Browser

We have released new versions of Cell Ranger v4.0 and Loupe Browser v4.1.0 . Please Download and Install the latest releases on your system today. This page provides information on System Requirements .

Cell Ranger v4.0 

Loupe Browser v4.1.0 

  • Provides linked windows to evaluate multiple views, such as t-SNE and UMAP, to enable faster comparative analysis of a dataset;
  • Now features violin plots, a popular way to visualize feature expression levels across clusters, cell types, samples and more;
  • Supports Immunofluorescent data generated with Visium products;
  • Please see What's New in Loupe Browser for more details.

Additional information can also be found on our Single Cell Software landing page .

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for being a valued 10x Genomics customer.

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