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Trust the experts in RNA synthesis chemistry to provide high-quality custom single-stranded RNA, siRNA, and microRNA with an extensive range of modifications, synthesis scales, and purification choices.

  • Custom siRNA Synthesis - siRNA customisation has never been easier. Numerous combinations of modifications, sizes, and purification options are available for convenient online ordering.
  • Single‑stranded RNA Synthesis - Create and order RNA molecules with a wide variety of chemical modifications or learn about our capabilities for long RNA oligos, dye labeling and custom amidites.
  • siDESIGN Center - Design and order siRNAs targeting genes in non-standard species, particular splice variants, or homologous regions across gene families or species.
  • Custom microRNA - Modulation Tools Modify an existing microRNA mimic or inhibitor, target a novel microRNA, or request an Accell microRNA Inhibitor or Stabilised Mimic for special applications.

Custom RNA Synthesis By Dharmacon™
Create and order RNA oligos with a wide variety of chemical modifications.
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Midscale Oligo Manufacturing
Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications.
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Synthesising Long & Chemically Modified Oligos
Learn how Horizon uses patented ACE-2' chemistry to synthesize long RNA molecules with virtually any chemical modification!
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Interested In Prime Editing?
Horizon is the world leader in long oligo synthesis. Contact us to discuss your pegRNA or other long oligo needs.
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Single-Stranded RNA Synthesis
Design and order your own single-strand RNA and RNA-DNA chimeras.
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Custom RNA Design Tools
Tools to design and order a variety of customisable gene editing or RNAi reagents.
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Customer Quote
"I've been using Horizon/Dharmacon's custom made siRNA for the last 4 years in both in vitro and in vivo mouse studies of medulloblastoma.  The high quality and specificity of the custom made sequences has, time after time provided me with exceptional and unquestionable results. I thoroughly recommend custom siRNA from this supplier."
- Helen Forgham, Children's Cancer Institute Australia

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