Introducing the NEW Single Cell Expression Kit

10x_logo_vertical_full-color_digital.pngChromium Single Cell Gene Expression LT Kit

Accelerate the journey from pilot to publication

Have you always been curious about what single cell can do for you?

Now, the low-throughput Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression LT Kit  (4 rxns) can help you easily dip your toes into the world of single-cell with up to 60% lower cost.

2b56524ee379f9e5b0148256444413bb.pngGain Initial Insights 

With small-scale investigations, find out what 100–1,000 cells can reveal.

Optimise Sample Prep 

Refine experimental conditions to maximise the success of your studies.

Support from Prep to Analysis 

From technical resources to user-friendly,  cloud-based data analytics , you are supported end-to-end.

Generate early-stage data  for grant proposals.

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