Millennium Science Supports the KAPA Biosystems NGS Product Range

Millennium Science continues to sell and support the KAPA Biosystems NGS product range for research customers in Australia.

kapa-logo.pngRoche have recently introduced KAPA Dual-Indexed Adapter Kits for use with KAPA DNA and RNA library preparation kits to construct libraries for sequencing on an Illumina sequencer. KAPA Dual-Indexed Adapter Kits now allow multiplexing of up to 96 samples by use of two 8-nucleotide indexes (barcodes). KAPA adapters are QC tested to ensure optimal library construction efficiency, minimla adapter-dimer formation and ultra low barcode cross-contamination. They are supplied pre-annealed and in liquid form in a buffer that guarantees maximum stability and performance. KAPA Single- and Dual-Indexed Adapters employ the Illumina® TruSeq® design, which allows for the use of a single adapter species, to be ligated to both ends of a random DNA fragment.


Primary applications for the use of KAPA Dual-Indexed Adapter Kits for Illumina platforms include:

  • Human whole genome sequencing, performed with an Illumina HiSeq X instrument
  • Whole exome or targeted sequencing, using Roche NimbleGen™ SeqCap™ EZ or IDT xGen Lockdown Probes or other hybridization capture systems, in combination with the appropriate blockers
  • RNA-seq
  • ChIP-seq
  • Other direct sequencing applications, e.g., microbial whole-genome sequencing on compatible platforms.

Kit to order:

ROC-08278555702            KAPA DI Adapter Kit 15uM

With the introduction of KAPA Dual-Indexed adapters, KAPA have discontinued the previous Single-Indexed adapter product.



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