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Edit-R Predesigned Synthetic sgRNA

Guaranteed CRISPR Gene Editing, Made Simple!

horizon-discovery-logo.pngSingle guide RNA available for the entire human genome as individual guides, pools of three guides for individual genes, as well as gene family and genome-wide screening libraries.

  • Designed to maximise the likelihood of functional knockout and minimise off-target editing.
  • Achieve unparalleled knockout levels, even in difficult to edit primary cells.
  • Chemically modified to increase editing efficiency by reducing RNase degradation.
  • Eliminate concern of triggering a cellular immune response - unlike in vitro transcribed guide RNAs.


top-considerations.png Top Considerations for RNAi & CRISPR

Deciding which technology to use for loss-of-function studies? Learn about the key differences here!
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crispr-guide.png CRISPR Guide RNA & the  Innate Immune Response

Learn how synthetic guide RNAs can eliminate unwanted cellular responses caused by enzymatically derived guides.
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