Opentrons is a leader in lab automation and has partnered with Millennium Science to launch the Opentrons Flex, a new generation of affordable and easy-to-program liquid handling lab robots designed to bring advanced lab automation to more researchers than ever before.

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Opentrons Flex™

The next generation of lab automation is here.

The Opentrons Flex is a liquid handling robot designed for high throughput and complex workflows. The Flex robot is the base of a modular system that includes pipettes ranging from 1- to 96- channels, a labware gripper, on-deck thermocycler, heater-shaker, magnetic plate, and more.

The Opentrons software ecosystem includes a robust library of more than 500 protocols, plus easy drag-and-drop cloud software to enable you to create protocols for your specific needs. The Flex's modern API allows for near limitless control over the robot as well as enabling seamless integrations to build scalable workflows.

Flex workstations come with all the equipment — robot, hardware, and labware — that you need to get  started automating common lab tasks.

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The OT-2 is a bench-top liquid handler designed to be accessible and flexible enough to automate many common applications.

General Liquid handling

The quickest way to save time in the lab. You can easily automate a range of basic liquid handling tasks on the OT-2 pipetting robot, including tube and microplate filling, serial dilution, cherry picking, normalization and sample pooling. Choose from a range of verified protocols in our Protocol Library, create your own, or ask our Applications Engineering team to create one for you.

PCR Setup

Another popular application for automation, especially if you're prepping a lot of samples. You can use the OT-2 pipetting robot to combine samples and PCR mastermix in the reaction plate that will go into the thermocycler or qPCR machine.

Protein Purification

The most cost-effective way to automate small-scale protein purification, proteomics sample processing, and enzymatic and chemical lysis. We currently offer two approaches to automate on the OT-2 pipetting robot – dual flow chromatography-based automation, and magnetic bead-based automation.

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