Binding Kinetics

Binding kinetics is a term associated with the measurement of the strength of molecular interactions in both the association and dissociation phase of the reaction. These types of studies will produce information about the kinetics of the interaction and the affinity of the interaction. The Kinetic data obtained will provide information about the time-dependent nature of the interaction. The Association step measures the rate of association or how fast the molecules bind to each other. The Dissociation step measures how fast the complex falls apart. Overall Kinetics measures whether two molecules form a complex and dissociates within a given time span. These measurements can also measure the strength of the interaction known and the binding constant. Relating to the equation A + B  AB with the binding constant being KD = Koff/Kon. The Kon and Koff rates are very useful with selecting drugs, antibodies, designing ELISA assays etc. Binding kinetics can be measured a number of ways but the most common are by using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI).


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