4titude® offers a wide range of plate sealing solutions. Choose the seal based on a wide variety of properties offered including: peelability, pierceability, gas permeability, optical clarity, temperature stability and solvent resistance.

Product List:

Adhesive Seals

4titude® offers the widest range of adhesive sealing solutions available on the market. The adhesive sheet seals are supplied with convenient tabs on both ends for ease of application. These tabs enable easy peeling for seal removal without leaving adhesive residue on the sealing surface. They also offer a number of the seals in various roll formats compatible with most roll sealers on the market, for ease of use or for automation.


DMSO and Solvent Resistant Foil Seal

Double Skin Breathable Film

Gas Permeable Imaging Seal

InterSeal - Double Sided Adhesive Plate Seal

Microplate Seal

PCR Foil Seal

PCR Foil Seal Strong

PCR Seal

Pierceable Film

Pierceable Film 384

qPCR Seal

Q-Stick™ for qPCR

Cap Strips


crystalstrip_pcrcapstrip_685.jpgOptically superior crystal clear strips of 8 flat caps for effective sealing of plates, part plates and strips of 8 tubes. The new CrystalStrips™ offer the perfect supplement to the existing range of PCR Cap Strips. Due to their improved optical properties and evaporation-safe fit, the strips are ideally suited for applications where small volumes are used, e.g. low volume qPCR.


  • Improved optical properties.
  • High transmission rates.
  • Ideally suited for small samples with low signal intensity.
  • Reduced shrinking during heating and cooling phases.
  • Very tight sealing.
  • Flexibility between the pitch of the individual caps.

PCR Caps Strips

capstrips_group_685.jpgCompatible with tube strips and 96 well PCR plates. These strips are moulded from virgin polypropylene in a Class 7 ISO certified cleanroom production facility, and comply to the same stringent requirements as the FrameStar® range.


  • Flat caps are optically clear for fluorescence detection.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Large end tabs for easy removal.
  • Labelled for orientation.


eb7015f514daa7859e682c27a01a100a_f743.jpg FrameSeal™ utilises a sheet of standard 4titude® heat sealing material mounted onto a disposable, rigid plastic frame. A FrameSeal™ can be places either manually, or with a robotic gripper, onto a wide range of skirted and semi-skirted microplates (including PCR plates). After sealing, there is the option to remove the frame by tearing along pre-cut lines to leave the heat seal in place on the plate surface.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Ability to sterilise.
  • Improves the quality control of every seal.
  • Allows the use of sheeted sealing material in automation.

Heat Seals

Heat sealing is the gold standard method for plate and tube sealing. It prevents sample loss and maximises sample security, by facilitating a 100% complete seal and preventing evaporation, leakage and contamination.

96 INDI™ Seal

Black Seal

Clear Seal

Clear Seal 3730

Clear Seal Plus

Clear Weld Seal Mark II

DMSO Resistant Peel Seal

Foil Seal

Gas Permeable Clear Seal

Gas Permeable Seal Mk 2

Peel Seal

Pierce Seal

Pierce Seal Strong

Polystyrene Foil Seal

Thermal Bond Heat Sealing Foil

Lids and Mats

Plate Lids

lids-main.jpgThese microplate lids are designed to give a quick and easy sealing solution to the range of FrameStar® PCR Plates, Vision Plates™ and other microplates. A variety of lids are available.


  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Protect samples from contamnation and evaporation.
  • A variety of lids are available for FrameStar® and Microplates.

Sealing Mats

4ti-0135.jpgThese cap mats are made of silicone rubber, a material that is highly durable to high temperatures, and so can be used to seal storage plates being used for high-temperature storage to protect samples from evaporation.


  • Reduce sample evaporation.
  • Suitable for high-temperature storage.
  • Made of silicone rubber.
  • Highly durable.
  • A range of sealing mats are available.


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