Single Cell Gene Expression

Reveal the Full Complexity of Cellular Diversity, Cell by Cell

Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression provides single cell transcriptome 3' gene expression profiles from hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. Explore cellular heterogeneity, identify rare cell types, novel targets, biomarkers, cell types and states


  • Single Cell Resolution at Scale - Capture the full heterogeneity of a sample, in tens of thousands of cells.
  • Multiomic Cellular Readout - Measure 3' mRNA, cell surface proteins, CRISPR perturbations, and more.
  • Scalable Functional Genomics - Explore gene networks with paired CRISPR knockdowns and whole transcriptome readouts.
  • Streamlined Data Analysis - Explore and interpret single cell gene expression profiles with easy-to-use software.
  • One-day Lab Workflow - From sample to sequencing-ready library in one day.
  • Diverse Sample Compatibility - Demonstrated on fixed, fresh, and frozen samples, as well as whole cells and nuclei.

Extendable for Multiomic Readouts


Cell Surface Protein

Explore combined single cell gene and protein expression to enable discovery of novel cell subsets and rare cell populations.

  • Enrich distinct cell phenotype understanding with added protein information
  • Explore transcriptome and proteome relationship with simultaneous single cell detection

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CRISPR Screening

Assess effect for CRISPR perturbations at single cell resolution with direct capture of cellular sgRNAs and changes in gene expression.

  • Screen for novel gene targets of resistance drivers involved in disease
  • Empower functional genetic screens with a faster workflow and increased resolution

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