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Sino Biological is committed to providing high-quality recombinant protein and antibody reagents and to being a one-stop technical services shop for life science researchers around the world.

All of their products are independently developed and produced. In addition, they offer pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms pre-clinical production technology services for hundreds of monoclonal antibody drug candidates.

Their product quality control indicators meet rigorous requirements for clinical use samples. It takes only a few weeks for Sino Biological to produce 1 to 30 grams of purified monoclonal antibody from gene sequencing.


Recombinant Proteins

The Sino Biological R&D team has many years of experience in recombinant protein research and development. Over the years, they have generated more than 6,000 recombinant proteins currently in stock covering most hot research areas such as SARS-COV-2, immune checkpoints, antibody drug targets, CAR-T cell therapy targets, Fc receptors, and cytokines.

Exhibiting properties of high purity and validated bioactivity, Sino Biological recombinant proteins can support your scientific research from biopharmaceutical target discovery, protein structure and function analysis, cell therapy and recombinant enzyme characterization.





cDNA Clones






CRO Services




Flexibility to meet industrial requirements:

  • Low Endotoxin Levels
  • High Monomer Purity (by SDS-PAGE & HPLC)
  • Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis (BLI)
  • Tag Removal Service
  • Buffer Screening and Stability Study
  • Glycosylation Analysis, Peptide Mapping


Stringent quality control systems

  • Company protocols assure the high quality of Sino Biological's products by using advanced protein and antibody detection equipment
  • Providing powerful cell biological activity analysis
  • Employing perfect QA and QC quality assurance controls
  • All products are produced in house



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