Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis

We offer leading edge software powertools for genetic analysis, such as Mutation Surveyor® DNA variant analysis of Sanger Sequencing software, NextGENe® 2nd Generation Sequence Analysis software, Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench, GeneMarker® the "Biologist Friendly" Genotyping software, GeneMarker®HID STR Human Identity software, ChimerMarker® Automated Chimerism Analysis software, and JelMarker™ Image Reading and Conversion software.

Product Applications

ChimeRMarker - Automated Chimerism Analysis Software

GeneMarker® - The Biologist Friendly Software

GeneMarker HID - Human Identity Software

GeneMarker MTP - Multi-Template Processor

Geneticist Assistant™ - NGS Interpretative Workbench

JelMarker - Image Reading & Conversion Software

Mutation Surveyor® - DNA Variant Analysis Software

NextGENe® - 2nd Generation Sequence Analysis Software


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