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SOLOSoft is the software program included with Hudson's SOLO Automated Pipettor. It can be used as a direct control panel to operate the SOLO in standalone mode, or it can be run in the background by Hudson's own SoftLinx, or other workcell control schedulers, as part of an automated workcell.

SOLOSoft makes it easy to develop SOLO pipetting methods. The user simply "Drags-and-Drops" method steps into a graphical flow chart. No programming expertise or specialised knowledge is required. Pipetting methods developed using SOLOSoft can be saved to files that can be opened and used at a later time. They can also be used when SOLOSoft is being run from an external software program, like SoftLinx. Using the menu bar, the SOLO user can create new pipetting methods, load and run saved methods, select serial ports, calibrate and teach nest locations, add new plate definitions, and perform all the tasks needed to operate and maintain this versatile robotic pipettor.

SoftLinx Player

extraction_choices.jpgThe SoftLinx player is the first member of Hudson Robotics' new line of GO Technology™ software designed to make it as easy as possible to use our Guided Operation lab automation software. A lab technician, that has never seen the software or the protocols, will be able to run the the laboratory instruments. Just click on the SoftLinx Player icon on the computer desktop and select the protocol you want from the list.

The next screen shows pictures of the your instrument indicating exactly where to place all reagents and microplates, tip boxes, reservoirs, etc. The technician will also have a checklist for specific details such as reagent storage and concentration, stability issues, or other required details. Once the user is satisfied that they have met all of the conditions specified by the Player's screen, they can press the "Go" button, and the protocol will automatically begin.

SoftLinx Lab Automation Scheduler

SoftLinx™ Laboratory automation scheduling software is a powerful multitasking, dynamic scheduling software package for planning and running automated laboratory workcells. It is designed to control all the instruments in an automated workcell. It makes the programming and operation of lab automation easy for lab personnel, yet flexible enough for custom modification by programmers. The SoftLinx lab automation scheduling software library includes software plug-ins for integrating over 200 instruments made by different manufactures into your lab workcell.


  • Drag and drop flowchart creation
  • SoftLinx is a multitasking application capable of dynamic scheduling
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible enough for extensive custom modification

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