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HiRise™ assembly software scaffolds up to whole chromosomes with high confidence.

Dovetail™ Hi-C generates proximity ligation data that links regions of a chromosome together ranging from hundreds of bps to Mbps apart. The HiRise™ software is built on a statistical model that takes into account the unique read pair separation distribution of this data.

Initially, HiRise™ aligns Dovetail™ Hi-C data to scaffolds of the existing draft assembly and generates a custom statistical model based on the read-separation distribution of the Hi-C data. The software then scans through the draft assembly for errors, then breaks and rejoins the scaffold when an error is identified. HiRise™ iterates over many candidate arrangements to produce a better scoring assembly, then refines the likelihood model for additional rounds of scaffolding improvement. The pipeline repeats this process until it produces the most confident arrangement of scaffolds supported by the data.


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