Spatial Proteomics

Tissue Profiling with Transcriptomics and Protein Co-detection

Combine whole transcriptome spatial analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection in the same tissue section. Gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of tissue organisation with colocalised protein detection and gene expression analysis.


  • Maximise your Insights - Gain a deeper, more complete assessment of your samples with protein, total mRNA, and morphology in one.
  • Profile Entire Tissue Sections - Visualise protein and whole transcriptome expression, without selecting regions of interest.
  • Accessible Technology - Use standard microscopy, immunofluorescence staining protocols, and antibodies.
  • Streamlined Data Analysis - Combine histology or protein expression profiles with gene expression data in easy-to-use software.
  • One-Day Lab Workflow - From tissue section to sequencing-ready library in one day.
  • Diverse Sample Compatibility - Demonstrated on multiple mouse and human tissues.


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