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  • Aggregation
  • AAV & VLP stability
  • AAV titre & empty/full ratio
  • AAV, LNP & VLP sample prep
  • Buffer exchange & formulation prep
  • Chemical denaturation
  • Crystallisation
  • kD/B22
  • particle characterisation & ID
  • Powder dispense
  • Polymorph & solubility screening
  • Protein & Nucleic acid concentration
  • Reaction screening & optimisation
  • Silicone layer analysis
  • Dynamic light scattering
  • Tm/Tagg & Thermal stability
  • Viscocity


Bite-sized buffer exchange

Buffer exchange and concentration are two of the most annoying things you have to do before you can work with your sample. It takes forever, you physically have to be there and just when you think it's done, you're tweaking it again. Unagi is the first completely hands-free benchtop buffer exchange solution that's made to take this not-so-fun task off your plate —  so you can be anywhere else instead of tied to your bench. Get brochure .

  • Protein
  • mRNA & DNA
  • AAV

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Big Lunatic

The next-gen protein and nucleic acid quantification system.

Lunatic makes batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA a no-brainer. All you need is 2 μL and 10 minutes to measure up to 96 samples. Run them straight-up, even at high concentrations, without ever diluting. Lunatic gets biologics and genomics UV/Vis quantification on the money every time. Just drop, load and read.

Lunatic analysis software lets you see annoying impurities that classic A260 measurements alone mistake as your DNA or RNA. Find out exactly how much RNA, turbidity, beads and other influencers are screwing up your nucleic acid quantification. Ditch the time-sucking, dye-based prep and know right away if your samples are good to go.

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The ultimate Gene Therapy tool. 

Stunner is the only system that pulls together UV/Vis  concentration, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)  and Static Light Scattering (SLS) data from the same 2 μL sample. Dig in to your AAV to get the total capsid titer and empty/full ratio, or rack up payload concentration and size data on any nanoparticle all at once. Nail down your protein quality by knocking concentration, hydrodynamic size, polydispersity, and detection of aggregates off your list in one shot. Without skipping a beat, you'll know if your AAV, nanoparticle or protein is good to go.

The one-shot protein concentration and sizing combo. Learn more.

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The first all-in-one biologics stability screening platform.

Cracking stability using a pile of one-trick, protein-hungry tools is a ton of work. Uncle combines 3 different measurement modes — fluorescence, Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). So you can crank out all your data in just a few hours, and use way less protein. All the info you'll get makes picking the best formulation, protein, or viral vector a piece of cake.

12 stability applications on one platform - Learn more.

Greatly reducing the protein sample volume requirements and the necessity to determine stability with multiple single-measurement instruments.

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Big Tuna

The ultimate automated buffer exchange solution. 

Buffer exchange and sample concentration are the time consuming, hands-on chores you have to deal with before all the things you really want to do. Big Tuna automates exchange to formulate, concentrate and clean up proteins or gene therapy vectors like AAVs, LNPs, and VLPs — with just 30 mins of setup time. Skip the slow and manual ways of prepping samples to free yourself up for other critical work.

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The all-around configurable benchtop workflow solution.

Junior automates all your hands-on, back and forth and hard to do biologics formulation, small molecule preformulation and process chemistry tasks.

Power through more samples in a single day, and get them done the same way every time. Hand off your routine work to Junior, and hit the next big thing on your plate instead.

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Big Kahuna

The most customisable automated workflow solution.

Big Kahuna gives you automated, high-throughput, end-to-end solutions for biologics formulationsmall molecule preformulation  and process chemistry . It's completely configurable and takes on the hard stuff that eats up a ton of a researcher's time. Take a look at how Big Kahuna can change the game for your workflow.

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LEA - Software

The most comprehensive life science tools software.

LEA is the only software that lets you design and run complex experiments, control both your Unchained Labs and third-party tools, automate mind-numbing, manual tasks and coordinate the data from an entire study in one place. Doesn't matter if drug development's your thing or if you need to optimize chemical reactions, go ahead and think up that killer experiment — LEA lets you pull it off.

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The unrivaled particle characterisation and ID platform.

Hound is the only tool out there that combines microscopy, Raman and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to count, size, and ID particles by their chemical or elemental fingerprints. With all these capabilities packed into one instrument, Hound gathers up all the info you need about your particles in minutes.

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The one of a kind silicone thickness and distribution analyser.

Wonky silicone coatings for injectable devices can jam them up or ooze oil into your drug. Bouncer makes it easy to find out if the coating's too thick, too thin or good to go. Its quantitative measurements on silicone layer thickness and distribution let you find the sweet spot for your device.

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Let it flow

Honeybun is the only rapid viscosity system that pours out data as fast as you can handle it. Whether you've got one sample or ten, Honeybun sips microliters of each sample through a microfluidic channel to get a read on viscosities from 0.5 – 150 cP in minutes – with zero sample prep or clean-up. Ditch old school, one-at-a-time techniques that use too much sample and level up to the quickest, low-volume viscosity measurements out there. Get brochure.

  • 10 at time
  • 40 μL per sample
  • 3 minute runs (≤10 cP)
  • 3 minutes to setup

Honeybun - The Ultimate Small Volume Viscometer | Unchained Labs

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