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CRISPR Modulation

CRISPRiCRISPRadCas9 stable cell linesControls

Modified CRISPR-Cas9 systems for activation or repression of endogenous gene transcription

Adding new dimensions to the CRISPR toolbox, the CRISPRmod family of gene modulation tools promote (CRISPRa) or repress (CRISPRi) target gene transcription, without cutting the DNA.
Benefits & applications

  • Endogenous modulation – control expression within a gene's native context
  • CRISPR level specificity – leverage PAM-anchored targeting
  • Multiplexing – simultaneously activate or inhibit multiple genes
  • Orthogonal validation – use in parallel with CRISPR knockout or RNAi for robust datasets

CRISPRa Sytem Schematic

CRISPRa machinery binding upstream of TSS to activate transcription

CRISPRi System Schematic

CRISPRi machinery binding downstream of target gene TSS to block transcription.

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Gene Editing

CRISPR guide RNA Cas9 Nucleases | Controls | Custom Guide RNA | Knock-in templates
Cherry-pick library tool | CRISPR libraries

Understand disease mechanisms at the genomic level. 

Gene editing refers to the process of changing regions of cellular DNA. The most common gene editing techniques involve inactivating a gene's function (knockout), introducing or correcting a SNP mutation, or adding a reporter tag to an endogenous gene (knock-in). These changes are permanent and heritable, resulting in a newly engineered cell line. With Horizon Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 reagents, researchers can make targeted, specific edits to any gene in practically any cell type. Additionally, Horizon offers a wide selection of pre-made edited cell lines and expert genome engineering services.

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Gene Knockdown

IncRNA | Custom siRNA design | Cherry-pick library tool | RNAi libraries

siRNA - Proven synthetic siRNA solutions for straightforward loss-of-function studies.

shRNA - Lentiviral vector-based reagents for transient, long-term, inducible, and in vivo  RNA interference.

microRNA (miRNA) - Rationally designed miRNA modulation reagents to up-regulate or suppress endogenous mature miRNA function.

RNAi Controls - enable accurate interpretation for reliable, reproducible results.

CRISPRi - Transcriptional repression of endogenous gene expression

RNA interference (RNAi) remains the most simple yet effective method for target gene knockdown in loss-of-function experiments. Dharmacon has pioneered the development of novel siRNA, shRNA or microRNA technology for over 20 years, offering a broad portfolio of trusted synthetic and expressed reagents for highly specific and efficient gene silencing.

RNAi Resources

Top Tips for RNAi success

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Gene Overexpression

CRISPRacDNAsORFscDNA libraries | ORF libraries

Reliable up-regulation solutions for endogenous gene activation or exogenous overexpression

Study gene pathways or mimic disease states via gain-of-function assays. CRISPR activation offers transcriptional activation of endogenous genes – up to 50,000x basal expression levels. Or exogenously overexpress genes from nearly any species with our extensive cDNA and ORF collections.


Overexpression Selection Guide

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Engineered Cell Lines

Build your own cell lineKnockout cell linesCancer related cell lines | Cas9 stable cell lines | dCas9 stable cel lines

Over 7,500 ready-to-go cell models (including cell lines related to DNA damage pathways, Antibody Validation, Epigenetics, Autophagy, Primary & Stem Cells and MORE!

Search Products

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Transfection & Ancillary Reagents

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Downstream Analysis

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Functional Genomic Screening

Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers - From target selection to patient stratification

Cell Panel Screening

Screen in 2D and 3D models, spheroids or organoids.

Custom Oligo Synthesis

With over 20 years experience as the world leader in reliable oligo design and synthesis, the Dharmacon oligo synthesis team can provide RNA and DNA to the scale and purity you need, at a rate to fit your budget.

Single-stranded RNA synthesisCustom siRNACustom DNACustom miRNA

Custom Libraries

Only screen the genes that interest you. Turn your gene list into a custom mini-library.

Custom Reference Standards

Made to order reference standards for molecular diagnostics
Design controls specific to your workflow
Well-characterized controls for any workflow, from assay development to routine monitoring.
Get support and advice from our project team whilst we design the best control for your assay, together.

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Cell Line Engineering

Delivering exceptional value across the drug discovery pipeline.

Creating your own CRISPR-Cas9 edited cell line can require significant investment in both lab and human resources. We offer a reliable and affordable solution, allowing you to focus on the most critical aspects of your research project.
Partner with Horizon for nearly any edit, in any cell line.

Immune Cell-Based Assay Screens

  • Cytoxicity
  • Immune Suppression
  • T-cell proliferation
  • RNA-based immune cells
  • Combine with apoptosis assays

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