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IDEAS Software

ideas-software-image-1024x619.pngIDEAS offers powerful, familiar tools for creating histograms and scatter plots. Click on any dot in a scatter plot to see the corresponding cell's image. Numerical scoring of parameters such as size, shape, texture, colocalisation, and intensity allow for quantification of visual data.


  • Expandable to meet your needs - Extraordinarily robust, providing hundreds of features for every cell. IDEAS Software also allows you to create almost any new feature you may need from the basic feature set
  • Fully integrated image and statistical data - Population statistics and imagery are completely integrated. Every dot on a scatter plot links directly to a cell's images – click on the dot and you'll see the corresponding cell. Click on an image to link to the feature values and points in the scatter plot. With its virtual sorting capability, IDEAS Software will show you all the images of a cell population you define.
  • An efficient, flexible data interface - Integrates image data, plots, and statistics. The gallery shows you images of every cell, while the workspace gives you graphing tools to define and analyse cell populations and statistics tables to view population stats, as well as individual feature values.
  • Templates and batch processing - Once you've created an analysis scheme in IDEAS Software, you can save it as a template for batch processing future experiments, automated data analysis for high throughput experiments, or to share with colleagues.
  • Analysis Wizards - Pre-configured and optimised wizards are provided for many common applications

INSPIRE Software

screen-shot-2018-11-29-at-12.28.01-pm.pngAmnis imaging flow cytometers are equipped with INSPIRE Software that simplifies fundamental instrument operations. Instrument setup, calibration, and spectral compensation are straightforward and elementary. An intuitive interface makes data acquisition effortless.

An intuitive user interface provides easy-to-use instrument controls, real-time plotting and graphical gating, and images of every cell. The easy-to-use compensation wizard easily guides you through multi-color compensation.


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