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10x Genomics
10x Genomics is building tools for scientific discovery that reveal and address the true complexities of biology and disease.




Biocrates provides ready-to-measure kits and services for quantitative, reproducible and standardised mass spectrometry-based metabolomics analysis.




A leading provider of innovative fluorescent solutions for scientists and molecular biology products



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Candor Bioscience
CANDOR Bioscience is an international company specializing in high-quality solutions for immunoassays and ELISA developments. We welcome you to the CANDOR online area.  More than 50 different CANDOR products (HAMA and interference blockers, surface blockers, stabilizers and buffer solutions) are used in immunoassays and in many cases significantly improve the reliability of results, simplify the test procedure and shorten the processing time.   Today more than 1000 customers from more than 50 countries use CANDOR products and benefit from the CANDOR experts who, as recognized specialists, provide well-founded and detailed advice on all questions relating to the development and implementation of immunoassays.




Cloud-Clone Corp.
Cloud-Clone Corp. is an original design manufacturer for assay reagent, analysis equipment and contract research organisation for animal experiments.




Cusabio is a National High-Tech Enterprise with research, production and sales in one. After 14 years of effort, CUSABIO has become a good partner to researchers through worldwide. We are dedicated to providing 60,000+ validated antibodies, 8,000+ recombinant proteins, 660+ cytokines and thousands of ELISA kits to global customers in the research fields of cancer, cell biology, immunology, neuroscience, epigenetics, etc. All kinds of our products can meet customers' different demands in various scientific research fields.


GenScript is a leading biotech company focused on early drug discovery and development services, they provide a comprehensive portfolio of services.



Horizon Discovery
Horizon Discovery drives the application of gene editing and gene modulation within the global life science market – supporting scientists on the path from research to therapy. Their products include Dharmocon siRNA reagents.


Hycult Biotech
Hycult Biotech is a ISO-13485 certified manufacturer of research reagents in the field of innate immunity.



InvivoGen provides life scientists with innovative research reagents. As experts in innate immunity and cell culture, InvivoGen offer a large selection of products including PRR ligands, cell lines, selective antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, vaccine adjuvants, and antibodies.




LI-COR Biosciences is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high quality, innovative instruments, software, reagents, and integrated systems for protein analysis.




Leinco Technologies
Specialty manufacturer of early discovery research products including antibodies, recombinant proteins, ELISA kits, second step reagents and other life sciences products, as well as custom services.




MBL is a leading life science company focused on providing solutions for researchers in the life sciences, drug discovery and development and clinical diagnostics fields. They specialise in immunology, immuno-oncology, oncology and autoimmune disease areas.




MCE is dedicated to providing customers with all kinds of high quality bioactive small molecules, including inhibitors, antagonists, agonists and modulators. They own a comprehensive product line and offer professional after-sale services to achieve customer satisfaction.



  Norgen Biotek
Norgen Biotek Corp. is committed to providing their customers with first class sample preparation kits for use in research applications as well as diagnostics, and to provide dedicated and expert support services to their customers and partners worldwide.

PBL Assay Science
For 30 years PBL has worked hand in hand with researchers like you to help solve your most difficult problems. Their products and services have provided reliable solutions for all your Assay Science needs.





RayBiotech is a leading life sciences company providing proteomic discovery tools. RayBiotech has nearly 150 employees whose objectives are to provide excellent products and service worldwide to RayBiotech customers which include scientists in industry, academic and research institutes in 41 countries. RayBiotech is committed to accelerating customer success through innovation and leadership in the Life Sciences.



Supplier of a wide variety of Cell Biology Reagents including - primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, RFP/GFP Antibodies, Proteins, Peptides, Cell Lysates, Melanoma Cell lines & more.




Sino Biological
Sino Biological specialise in recombinant protein production & antibody development.


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