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LANCE® (Lanthanide Chelate Excite) TR-FRET technology combines the benefits of Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) with those of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) in a simple, highly-sensitive, and highly reproducible assay platform for detection, quantitation and screening in microplate format. We now also offer Cisbio HTRF® assay technology. HTRF (Homogeneous Time Resolved Technology), allowing us to provide a wide range of assays kits in a homogenous TR-FRET technology.

The use of long-lifetime fluorescent lanthanide chelates, rather than other fluorophores, allows for a delay in measurement between excitation and emissions, which occur simultaneously in standard fluorometric assays. Furthermore, FRET detection utilizes energy donor and energy acceptor fluorophore labels in solution to create a no-wash detection assay. By combining the benefits of TRF and FRET, LANCE TR-FRET offers a multitude of benefits over standard fluorometric detection:

  • Homogeneous assay format (no wash steps, no separation steps)
  • Reduced background leading to better S:B
  • Large Stoke's shift
  • Wider dynamic range
  • Extended signal stability
  • Increased sensitivity. Lower detection limits of 10 pg/mL compared to 100 pg/mL for standard fluorometric detection
  • Faster time to results

From biomarker detection assays, to cAMP/GPCR studies, to kinase and epigenetic assays, our LANCE®  and LANCE Ultra  TR-FRET assays are sure to save you time and hassle.

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Alpha Assays

Virtually any target can be quickly and easily measured using Alpha technology, an improved alternative to quantitative ELISA assays and ELISA reagents. Such targets include enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, low-affinity interactions, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, protein-protein interactions, peptides, sugars and small molecules.

  • Ease-of-use: homogeneous assay with no wash requirement and no separation steps
  • Fast: results in 3 hours for most applications
  • High sensitivity: detect down to femtogram levels of target
  • Large dynamic range: 4-5 logs
  • Compatible with many samples types: serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), tissue extracts, cell culture supernatants, cell lysates, and more

Choose the homogenous assay right for you:

  • AlphaLISA® – when running large numbers of ELISA assays from the same sample or working with a difficult matrix, serum or plasma
  • AlphaLISA®SureFire®Ultra – an excellent choice for studying pathways or phosphorylated proteins in whole cells, or studying endogenous receptors
  • AlphaScreen® – perfect for studying fusion-tagged proteins or protein-protein interactions, and for testing cAMP, phosphorylated peptides or samples in a simple matrix
  • Alpha Toolbox – when your target doesn't have an off-the-shelf quantitative ELISA assay, the toolbox gives you everything you need to create your own

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