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Meet our Genomics Technologies Advisors

Left: Paul Gooding, PhD | Field Applications Scientist, Millennium Science
Right: James Miller, PhD | Regional Commercial Lead ANZ, PacBio

James Miller

James has been with Millennium Science for over 8 years in Product Manager and Territory Manager roles where he has had a particular focus on genomics related products. Prior to working at Millennium Science, he worked for over 7 years at Tasmanian Alkaloids (a Johnson & Johnson company) where he managed a poppy biotechnology program aimed at poppy cultivar improvement. Here, he developed and implemented molecular markers for various commercially relevant poppy traits, managed biotechnology projects aimed at using transgenic technologies for poppy improvement and was co-inventor on patents to modify poppy alkaloid profiles. Prior to this, James was awarded a PhD in plant biotechnology at Queensland University of Technology for his work on the development of plant-based vaccines. James completed his undergraduate studies at Monash University and spent time between this and his doctoral studies working with Agriculture Victoria on various projects studying plant pathogens.

Paul Gooding

Paul moved to Adelaide in 1998 having completed a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology at the John Innes Centre in the UK. He completed a post-doctoral position at CSIRO-Plant Industry where he focussed on post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables, then moved to the University of Adelaide to run their cereal genetic transformation facility. He then worked for many years as Senior Scientist with the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF), running a suite of Next-Gen Sequencing machines as well as coordinating genotyping and diversity profiling projects. He joined Millennium Science in 2019 as FAS for genomics portfolios in Australia and New Zealand.

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