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kapa-logo.pngRoche are excited to bring a new and upgraded target enrichment solution to the market that will enable researchers to achieve higher result confidence with increased sequencing efficiency. The upgraded KAPA Target Enrichment Portfolio combines Roche's renowned design, content and NGS Sample Prep Reagents expertise, to deliver superior capture and sequencing uniformity, fewer PCR duplicates and deeper target coverage through our streamlined and fully automatable Sample Preparation workflow.

The KAPA Targeted Enrichment Portfolio consists of the following offerings:

HyperDesign Tool 

A user-friendly online web interface supporting in-silico (probe selection) custom design preparation based on user input regions. It supports both user-directed automatic design preparations or expert designer assisted design preparations.

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KAPA HyperExome Probes

For whole exome sequencing (WES) solution. It is designed with comprehensive coverage of the latest HG38 human genome build coding regions from CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, GENCODE and ClinVar databases, including 387 Sample Tracking SNPs to facilitate sample identity tracking throughout the workflow.

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KAPA HyperChoice and HyperExplore Probes

A custom design solution for standard Human probe designs (HyperChoice) and a custom design solution for Non-Human probe designs and Non-Standard Human probe designs (HyperExplore)

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The HyperCap Workflow v3.0

The new workflow requires the following reagents and kits: KAPA Universal Adapter, KAPA UDI Primer mixes, KAPA HyperCapture Reagent, KAPA HyperCapture Bead Kit, KAPA Probes Resuspension Buffer and KAPA Hybrid Enhancer Reagent. Check out the new HyperCap workflow Guide.

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kapa-diagram-2.pngOne of the key factors that drove Roche to improve their Targeted Enrichment Portfolio is the ability to provide researchers with a workflow that they could support from start to finish. i.e. Sample preparation through to library preparation, then target enrichment and then the results. The trusted KAPA brand of library prep reagents can be used seamlessly upfront of capture to provide researchers with a complete workflow.


Key benefits include:

  • Demonstrated design expertise for targeting difficult-to-capture sequences
  • Superior capture uniformity for lower sequencing costs/time
  • Outstanding single-vendor support across the entire workflow
  • Fast and streamlined workflow
  • Automation capabilities
  • High performance (eg Variant detection)
  • Flexible content (eg offering exome/fixed panels/custom panels)
  • Robust & convenient design experience with HyperDesign
  • Renowned probe selection algorithm with a design team that has many years expertise in probe designing
  • A more uniform sequencing result with low duplications

Check out the compatible kits below:

Getting Started

1. First, you will need to get a HyperDesign account to make your design.

Already an existing customer and have a NimbleDesign Account? No need to worry, if you had a NimbleDesign account, your previous designs will be transferred to the new HyperDesign Tool, so when you log in you'll still be able to view these. Please note if you want to use the same designs contact us first and we'll discuss the options with you.
Also check out the guide for reviewing and approving designs in HyperDesign here.

New to HyperDesign? If you are new and would like to start on some probe designs, all you need to do is create an account and away you go! 
Click here to create your new account.

2. Get in touch with us and let us know you are making a design or have made a design and are ready to get pricing information and ordering details.

To help us provide you with the information you need and understand what your requirements are for your project, do let us know the following information:

  • What species are you working with?
  • How many genes or what is the total size (Mb) of targets?
  • What's your application? (eg. Hereditary panel/ Somatic variant panel)
  • How many samples in total?
  • How many samples can be batched? (eg what is your level of multiplexing)

3. It's that easy!

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kapa-target-enrichment-icon.pngHybridization-Based Target Enrichment  

Explore the KAPA target enrichment portfolio. KAPA HyperExome Probes cover the CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, Gencode and ClinVar genomic databases in an efficient ~43 Mb capture target size. Our custom products: KAPA HyperChoice Probes enable users to design custom human probes with the HyperDesign Tool, while KAPA HyperExplore Probes are for less well-known or complex custom designs pushed beyond normal boundaries.

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If you have any questions, would like more information or if you would like to talk to someone please contact sales@mscience.com.au

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