NextGen Sequencing

The high demand for low-cost sequencing has driven the development of high-throughput sequencing, which also goes by the term next generation sequencing (NGS). Thousands or millions of sequences are concurrently produced in a single next-generation sequencing process. Dramatic improvements to commercial NGS platforms have resulted in spectacular reductions in the cost-per-base of DNA sequencing. Until recently, the primary focus for innovation has been on the core sequencing technologies, with optimization of sample preparation playing a secondary role. The exponential gains in sequencing capacity have led to growing sample throughput, increasing the demand for robust, streamlined, and automated library preparation and QC protocols for multiplexed sequencing across a range of sample types. While NGS has become a commodity, it is clear that the quality, reliability, repeatability and robustness of library construction is an important factor to producing high quality data.

NGS, with its ability to process hundreds of millions of DNA templates in parallel, has increased sequencing throughput and diminished sequencing costs tremendously. However, whole genome sequencing is still expensive and does not provide the precision and depth of information required to decipher the roles of individual genes in complex diseases or afford the ability to investigate rare and low-frequency genetic variants. A more cost-effective way is to focus on specific regions of interest using target enrichment strategies. Target enrichment allows focusing of sequencing resources, which leads to reduced cost and simplified analysis.

rolo_cmyk.jpgRoche - KAPA - Proven high quality KAPA NGS library preparation

KAPA DNA library preparation kits contain high-quality enzymes and reaction buffers developed through Directed Evolution Technology. The KAPA Library Preparation Kits include modules required for end repair, A-tailing, ligation, and amplification (for Illumina platforms) and offer complete library preparation solutions with KAPA Adapters and KAPA Pure Beads.

KAPA NGS Library Quantification Kits combine a quality-controlled set of DNA quantification standards with the robust performance of qPCR reagents to provide a rapid, sensitive and reliable method for quantifying PCR-amplifiable molecules in next-generation sequencing DNA libraries.

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rolo_cmyk.jpgRoche - SeqCap - Hybridization-based target enrichment

Based on the NimbleGen technology, the SeqCap target enrichment products use a solution-based capture method for target enrichment. The HyperCap Workflow v2.0 combines all reagents and accessories required for library preparation and target enrichment in a single workflow. SeqCap probes can be ordered for analyzing the whole exome or for custom regions.

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