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Ventana - Discovery Ultra

discoveryultrabrochure.jpgThe world's most advanced IHC and ISH research platform

The Ventana DISCOVERY ULTRA instrument is the solution for scientists and research professionals who demand more than conventional immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) research methods offer. No other fully automated IHC/ISH system offers the freedom and flexibility of DISCOVERY ULTRA.

Beyond traditional staining platforms that require you to fit your chemistries to their systems, the DISCOVERY ULTRA instrument is adaptable to a broad array of tissue testing capabilities. From developing novel assays on low-expressing biomarkers to enabling the highest level of experimental complexity, DISCOVERY ULTRA accelerates IHC and ISH research, offering innovators significant improvements in ease of use, workflow, and system flexibility.


  • Unmatched protocol flexibility for rapid assay development
  • Enhanced multiplexing and immunofluorescence
  • Run 30 completely independent protocols for improved workflow


  • Fully automated slide processing, baking through staining
  • Ready-to-use optimised reagents
  • Apply precise heating to each slide individually for greater control over IHC/ISH reactions

Reagent Choice:

  • Choose your own antibodies, probes, pretreatments, fluorescence, linkers and blockers
  • Select the detection chemistry that best meets your needs

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